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September 18 2014 5 18 /09 /September /2014 09:06

Intro to ‘Pakistan floods devastate several Christian villages – Emergency aid required’

Edited by John R. Houk

Intro typed September 18, 2014


Yesterday I posted Shamim’s report on the treatment of non-Sunni Muslims in Pakistan. In this post Shamim reports on the devastation poverty stricken Christians that is occurring because of the recent flooding that is destroying what meager housing the poor have which includes the elimination of food supplies, crops, farm animals and deaths. Here is a video I found on Youtube that gives you a picture of the flooding in Pakistan:


VIDEO: Torrential Monsoon Rains Kill Nearly 70 in Pakistan: BREAKING NEWS



Published by World Network TV

Published on Sep 5, 2014


ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN: Two days of torrential monsoon rains have killed nearly 70 people in Pakistan, officials said Friday, as authorities ordered the evacuation of low-lying areas around a major river.

The deaths have all come in the most populous province Punjab and in Pakistani-administered Kashmir, with most caused by roof collapses and electric shocks.

Pakistan has suffered deadly monsoon floods for the last four years - in 2013, 178 people were killed and around 1.5 million affected by flooding around the country.

Pakistan's National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) warned there was a high risk of flooding in three towns along the Chenab river in Punjab and asked people to leave low-lying and vulnerable areas.

Troops have been mobilised for flood relief duties in eastern Punjab and … READ THE REST below video post on Youtube


Sadly the video report has no mention of the specific effect on Pakistani Christians. In the Sunni Muslim majority culture Christians are viewed with disdain so you can imagine how much more Christians are suffering from this flooding. Check out Shamim Masih’s report that includes a plea for prayer and financial support that will be used to aid ignored Christians in Muslim majority Pakistan.


JRH 9/18/14


Pakistan floods devastate several Christian villages – Emergency aid required


By Shamim Masih

Sent: 9/15/2014 9:34 PM


ISLAMABAD: Incessant rains have killed hundreds of people and damaged thousands of houses throughout Pakistan.  Since August persistent rains and the release of water from dams in India have brought great suffering on Christian communities.  I visited three local flood ravaged areas to assess the needs of innocent victims, left destitute.

Many Christian slum areas have been completely washed out [British Pakistani Christians Association], in the main; Christians reside in the flood plains where land is cheap or inhospitable. The rain has affected people of all faiths, but the impact has been felt most by deprived Christian communities.

Hundreds of the houses in Rawalpindi district have been ruined due to the seasonal drainage and river flooding. More than fifty houses in Sharoon Colony, Rawalpindi have become derelict after the swelling of the Sawan River.  Other houses in Iqbal Town, Islamabad have suffered a similar fate due to inundation of the Korang nala.  

38 houses in Sharoon colony are completely destroyed [CBCP News] and around 15 partially damaged. Christian houses in Bathanaik Alam and Committee Chowk were full of water and the entire household contents have been destroyed.

The innocent victims of this latest disaster have called for aid. Items they are seeking include food, clean water (as wells have been contaminated), clothes, mattresses and medicines. The area is known for a large number of Dengue fever infections, and fear of this illness is rife in the local community, as already some victims have shown symptoms.

Whilst visiting the disaster area I noticed dilapidated houses that have now become uninhabitable. Mattresses and clothes in fact entire contents of homes are literally strewn across the land.  

Crops have been destroyed, stored food washed away and many farm animals that would have supported poorer families have been killed. The situation has become extremely dire.

Absence of adequate dams for storage of excess water, along with deforestation and substandard construction of infrastructure - partly due to rampant corruption in the past years, have contributed to excessive damage.

“Your prayers and financial support is vital to these communities and we urge people of good conscience to spare what they can to restore a semblance of normal life to these families."

We have initiated a disaster recovery fund for victims of the flood.  If you would like to contribute to our relief work our bank details are as follows [Scroll down to “Shamim Masih’s Donate/Support Info”]:


Be Blessed,

Shamim Masih


Edited by John R. Houk

All text and links enclosed by brackets are by the Editor


© Shamim Masih

Special Correspondents

Daily Khabrian (PakBiz.com description) & Channel - 5

Human Rights Activist


Snapshot of Human Rights Activism from 2011

Christian Rights Activist
Freelance Journalist 

Secretary General of Information 

Pakistan Christian Congress


Shamim Masih’s Donate/Support info:


Editor: For Americans especially, I have discovered the best way to donate to Shamim Masih is via Western Union sending to a Western Union agent in Islamabad. Include Shamim’s phone - +92-300-642-4560


Intermediary Bank:                         MASHREQ BANK, NEW YORK
Intermediary Bank SWIFT BIC:         MSHQUS33
Beneficiary Bank:                         JS BANK LIMITED
Beneficiary Bank SWIFT BIC:                 JSBLPKKA
Bank A/c # at Intermediary bank:         70008227
Title Of a/c                                Shamim Masih
Beneficiary Account Number:                 405527


Top of Form

IBAN #                                        pk80jsbl9530000000405227

Intermediary Bank:                         MASHREQ BANK, LONDON
Intermediary Bank SWIFT BIC:         MSHQGB2L
Beneficiary Bank:                         JS BANK LIMITED
Beneficiary Bank SWIFT BIC:                 JSBLPKKA
Bank A/c # at Intermediary bank:         00010855
Title Of a/c                                Shamim Masih
Beneficiary Account Number:                 405527
IBAN #                                        pk80jsbl9530000000405227

Intermediary Bank:                         MASHREQ BANK, LONDON
Intermediary Bank SWIFT BIC:         MSHQGB2L
Beneficiary Bank:                         JS BANK LIMITED
Beneficiary Bank SWIFT BIC:                 JSBLPKKA
Bank A/c # at Intermediary bank:         10847
Title Of a/c                                Shamim Masih
Beneficiary Account Number:                 405527
IBAN #                                        pk80jsbl9530000000405227

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