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October 23 2015 6 23 /10 /October /2015 15:03


When the world around seems to be exploding, Israel is a safe haven.  Let us work to protect and defend Israel as she is.  Beautiful, although not perfect.  Shy yet adventurous.  Spontaneous yet thoughtful.  Passionate and devoted.  The only homeland of the Jewish people, in its ancient and eternal Zion Jerusalem! –Ari Bussel


Ari Bussel gives us a tour of Jerusalem while attending the 37th Zionist Congress. You get an idea of the disgust for the terrorism committed by Arabs who call themselves Palestinians while noting there is a deep divide between the Jewish Leftist and Right delegates attending the Congress.


Ari sent a lot of photos to commemorate his down time from attending the Zionist Congress. Ari usually calls his email submissions “Postcards from America – Postcards from Israel,” the postcard is big in this post. Also I added some background links embraced by brackets.


JRH 10/23/15


Join Ari Bussel on a Tour of Jerusalem, Israel


By Ari Bussel

Sent: 10/22/2015 12:30 PM


Dear Friends, 


Join me on a visit to Zion Jerusalem, where the 37th Zionist Congress of the World Zionist Organization [Jewish Virtual Library on WZO] is taking place.  You need not even leave your seat, although the weather here in Israel is most inviting - unseasonably warm, even hot at times.


My friend Shalom, the publisher and editor of The Jewish Home LA, asked me to buy some pizzas to give the soldiers walking the streets of Jerusalem tasked to protect us from "innocent" terrorists.  Little did Shalom know that many, oh so many, are women!  They have shown their bravery time and again, at the most dangerous terrorist attacks.  And Shalom is married and an Orthodox man!  


I replied to Shalom, and I am taking this opportunity to tell you as well:




Disseminate the truth.  Fight the lies.  Stand up for Israel; so few do that.  Continue what you are doing every day, for the future of Israel depends on it greatly.


But Shalom, as all Jewish people from time immemorial, is stubborn.  Very stubborn indeed.  He replied:


I was serious, if you see an opportunity to show a soldier [and/or soldiers] that us in America (and the world!) are thinking about them... please use it and I'll paypal/put in your account/give you a check when you come back...




Oh, the Jewish people, very stiff-necked and stubborn.  Except, this is the type of "Stubbornness" I actually like and admire.


So let us go on our tour, for this is a different type of Postcard from Israel.  It is one in which you join me on this day in Jerusalem.


Remember, it is warm, so drink plenty, bring your sun glasses and a hat.  Wear light.  You are up for a treat.


Sunny Day in Jerusalem


[Jerusalem's Central Bus Station building; women soldiers patrolling across next to the Convention Center]


[Across from the main entrance of the Central Bus Station in Jerusalem, where a few days ago a terrorist attack took place, secular men putting Tfilin, women officers standing guard and the light rail keeps running on schedule (it is the target to stone throwing by some of the Arab residents who use it).]




The First Zionist Congress took place in Basel in 1897.  It was followed each subsequent year until 1901, and then took place every other year.  Except Herzl’s "Zionism" has nothing to do with today's usage of the word.  In fact, as we travel through the streets of Israel's capital we are cognizant first and foremost we are in the united capital of Israel, a modern and free country of almost eight million citizens, and each can do as one wishes - worship whatever religion, walk freely without fear, argue, have an opinion, enjoy life.


We begin the day standing in line.  Most delegates are foreign, so there is some semblance of a "line" (in the traditional definition, meaning one person standing after another); some but not much.


We are waiting for the security check for a keynote address by Prime Minister Netanyahu.  It is slated to start at 10AM, and everyone is seated before the Prime Minister of Israel with his security entourage enters the hall.


The reception was lukewarm, somewhat surprising to me.  After all, these are the delegates from countries around the world that need Israel, that one day - likely sooner - will see their communities seek refuge in this country.


The Prime Minister of the Jewish State.  Once, this title alone made one's heart race, made us stand taller, made us proud and excited.  Apparently no longer.  Disgust, loathing, criticism, complaints - these better characterize today's "connection" between vast portions of the Diaspora to Israel; particular American Jewry's.


Here is the text of the PM's speech.  He talks about ten lies Israel is fighting nowadays and refutes them one by one.




Most poignant and disturbing was the delegate (likely a Jew from the USA) who saw fit to should "LIAR!" at Netanyahu.  It was the opening shot, for today's "love" to Israel is a very strange love indeed.


Netanyahu told us of his grandfather emigrated to [British Mandate] Palestine in 1920, and the hatred toward the Jews when there was no Israel, no "Occupation" and no "Settlements."  But there were Jews.


Bloodshed happened then and continues to happen now.  Thus ... READ THE REST at SlantRight 2.0


This is a lengthy post with a lot of context to the bird's eye view of Ari Bussel including a huge amount of photos.


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