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Brooke Goldstein

Megyn Kelly used her Fox News program The Kelly File to talk about the documentary “Honor Diaries” made by the Clarion Project. Megyn allows Brooke Goldstein and Agnieszka Karoluk (senior communications coordinator for CAIR-Chicago) to verbally duke it out about the CAIR accusation that the documentary is an Islamophobic racist hit piece. It is my opinion Goldstein won.


VIDEO: Backlash Grows As U.S. Univs Cancel Or Postpone "Honor Diaries” Film – The Kelly File


Posted by Mass Tea Party

Posted on Apr 1, 2014


JRH 4/3/14


Human Rights Attorney appears on Kelly File for second night in a row, Dismantles CAIR Representative


By Shoebat Foundation 

April 2, 2014



Human rights attorney Brooke Goldstein appeared on the Kelly File for the second night in a row, this time, opposite a representative from CAIR-Chicago. During her appearance, Goldstein spoke more truth about who and what CAIR is than has been vocalized on Fox News in a long time, if at all.


Goldstein: Dismantled CAIR during Fox appearance.


One night after Kelly did a segment on the documentary film, ‘Honor Diaries’, and the controversy surrounding it, which now includes CAIR because of the group’s objection to the film, she did a follow-up segment. In it, Kelly told viewers that CAIR demanded a retraction of the previous night’s segment. She looked into the camera and said, ‘Guess what? You’re not getting it’.


In her second appearance on the show in two nights, Goldstein appeared opposite Agnieszka Karoluk, the senior communications coordinator for CAIR-Chicago.


Bizarrely, the position expressed by Karoluk was that the reason CAIR objected to the film had nothing to do with its content, which she didn’t deny was legitimate. Her objection was with the ‘Islamophobic’ group – the Clarion Project – that made the film.




Goldstein explained that CAIR is an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood. Karoluk could say nothing except ‘that’s not true’, which is a lie by itself. Further damning to Karoluk is the CAIR branch she works for in Chicago. Its Executive Director is Ahmed Rehab, who once referred to Imam Jamal Said as a ‘great American faith leader’.


Jamal Said (Far left) and Ahmed Rehab (Far right).


As Shoebat.com has reported in the past, Said, who used to be Walid’s mentor in Chicago, has extensive connections to Hamas and was himself a colleague of Osama bin Laden’s mentor, Abdullah Azzam.


Via Fox News:


'Honor Diaries' screening shut down by CAIR



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