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March 6 2012 3 06 /03 /March /2012 15:23

Wanted Poster Jesus - Hate Crimes


Kirk Cameron was out promoting his new movie Monumental. A question came Cameron’s way that had little to nothing to do with the movie. Piers Anthony asked Cameron on his about homosexuality. Cameron’s answer was a basic Biblical Moral answer which meant that God the Creator creating man and woman for marriage and that this is what is NATURAL. Then Anthony asked Cameron if homosexuality is a sin. The summation of Cameron’s answer is YES IT IS A SIN.


Almost immediately many Leftist Moral Relativists, homosexual activists and Hollywood luminaries went apoplectic and accused Cameron of hate speech. The accusations flew even though Cameron was lining himself up with Biblical Morality in a calm non-demonstrative answer.


So who is guilty of the hate speech?


The guilt of hate speech is on the Moral Relativists, homosexual activists and Hollywood luminaries that impugned Cameron’s Free Speech and Religious Freedom for his religious beliefs. It is no wonder that Cameron attempted to answer the homosexual questions with indirect yet factual answers. I am less famous and would simply answered homosexuality is ungodly and thus is a sin.


Indeed, I had to move my web blogging because of the feckless accusation of hate speech.


Here is the WND story on Left Wing hypocrisy relating to Free Speech and Religious Freedom.


JRH 5/6/12

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